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King of Pen

Iromiyabi Urushi by Sailor


Pen of the Year 2022 "Aztecs"

Graf von Faber-Castell


Alpha Pompei

The Italian Job


Otto Hutt design07

The New Grain Guilloche


Game Changer

This is a Mission. The Mission of bringing high end writing instruments back to glory. And to do so we want to provide the best possible content, experience and service.

We select the best Writing Instrument brands available worldwide in order to serve you with reliable and emotional products.
A well made Pen should bring joy in your everyday life, be a great life companion and also help you in your business career.
Discover the world of fine writing instruments – and I’m always here to listen to your feedbacks, comments and improvements.

Thanks for choosing Style of Zug and giving us your trust and confidence. We will do our best to keep on improving your experience and deliver the best possible products, content and insights into this industry.

Enjoy the ride!

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Samuel Naldi
Samuel Naldi
CEO Style of Zug
Samuel Naldi
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