The Concept

Style of Zug, founded in April 2008, is a concept store with a focus on fine writing instruments, that celebrates many other stylish and luxury items.
Luxury not in the sense of expensive item. Luxury in the sense of exclusive, limited and very stylish items.

This is what Style is about. It’s about People. It’s about the individualism of each single person. So join us, and discover a range of cool Accessories.


The briefest of glances at our product range will tell you that we offer a complete range of writing instruments, from the simple to the sublime. Our display cases select from fine fountain pens through to quality of fine leather goods such as wallets, brief cases up to exquisite hand made collector cases for pens and watches.

But not only, you will also browse selected sunglasses, pendulettes, art objects, audio systems, cufflinks and other exclusive objects that will brighten your everyday life.


Style, comes from an abbreviation of the french name for fountain pen, stylographe. From there the idea to unite a cultural item like a pen to the world of style. This match can go from conceptual watches like Klokers to home fragrances from Dr. ranjes. From Montblanc cufflinks to an Amarcord Suit. There's no limit to style. There is no rule in style.

Be sure that you will encounter a professional service, main philosophy of this family run company.